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Part of NLT's mission is to place special emphasis on emerging, student and preprofessional artists. We are thrilled to be able to offer a series of workshops open to artists of all ages, taught by expert industry professionals. 


with Allen Radway

September 21, 2019


Delaware Historical Society, Wilmington

Exploring Shakespeare is an energetic masterclass that provides actors with tools, techniques, and context for bringing classical, heightened language to vivid life in the contemporary theatre. Looking to the traditions of Shakespeare’s time, the conventions at work in his verse, and the broad canvas of humanity in his characters, we will discover that the text itself is the actor's most reliable map to clear and compelling performance of Shakespeare’s plays. Exploring these guideposts, we can position ourselves to find our own voices in Shakespeare's words. Actors of all experience levels are welcomed.


ALLEN RADWAY has worked as a theatre artist in Philadelphia for over two decades. He’s appeared  as an actor with the Wilma Theater, Arden Theatre Company, Theatre Exile, People’s Light & Theatre Company, Lantern Theater, Commonwealth Classic Theatre Company, the Delaware Shakespeare Festival, and Shakespeare in Clark Park, among others. Allen is an Associate Professor at the Brind School of Theatre at the University of the Arts in Center City, where he teaches both classic and contemporary studios. He is the former Producing Artistic Director of Simpatico Theatre.


Previous workshops


with Mike Consenza

Michael Cosenza is a fight director and stunt coordinator in, and around, the Philadelphia area. He has taught and choreographed in multiple universities, conservatories, and on many professional stages for over a decade. As a fight choreographer, he creates moments that capture the audience, deepen their understanding of the story, and physicalize the moments around the conflict to highlight the inner life of a character. His work is grounded in the principle that all stage combat seeks to create the illusion of violence, while keeping its actors safe and active. Michael is known for his dynamic physical imagery, active and visceral style, as well as his sense of humor. Locally his work has been seen at the Wilma Theater, the Philadelphia Artists Collective, Theater Exile, with Tribe of Fools, The Philadelphia Shakespeare Theater, The Delaware Theater Company, Azuka Theater Company, and others. He has been nominated for three Barrymore Awards for Excellence in Choreography, and in 2017 he was lucky enough to take home an award for ANTIHERO, with tribe of Fools.